Graduate Feature: Tazman Baker

Name: Tazman Baker

Location: Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)

QC Courses you’ve taken / are taking:

Your website:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 26 years old, married to my soul mate, and recently became a mum. I’m no stranger to a lazy day on the couch with Netflix (although admittedly, a lot less these days). I enjoy baking – especially my mother’s banana bread!

Why did you decide to become an event and wedding planner?

Like many before me, I started by going through the process for my own special day. I found everything to be pretty easy, and extremely enjoyable. Although, it also helped that my husband actually made decisions and didn’t just take a back seat!

I was sad when it was all over. I really enjoyed researching who and what was available in the area. I hated that I couldn’t book everyone. I pondered on it for a while, before finally taking the leap to start my study. I researched schools for weeks! When I found QC Event School, I excitedly decided to enroll with them.

I got started reading that same day! I didn’t even wait for my books to arrive. I worked full-time but would still be up all night, reading my course materials from my laptop and writing down notes. I even remember studying and doing assignments on the tail-end of my honeymoon with my husband. I just couldn’t resist!

Eventually, I ended up leaving my job for health-related reasons, as I was going to have a baby. At that point, I then finished my two event planning certifications, and launched my business shortly after having my son.

Let me tell you: a newborn baby + a new business= fun (and very little sleep!)

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What’s the story behind your wedding planning business’ name, WhiteFoxx Events?

There isn’t much to it, really. White is most associated with weddings. But also, for me, it symbolizes:

  • Affection
  • New beginnings
  • A clean slate
  • A fresh, blank canvas for creativity

I also love foxes. They’re super adorable! The choice to make it one word (and two x’s) was purely to be different and a little bit edgy.

Having graduated from QC’s Event and Wedding Planning Course, as well as our Event Décor course, would you say you have caught the attention of more clients because of your additional training?

Most definitely! The statement that these credentials add to my resume is invaluable. It gives clients reassurance that they’re in capable hands. They know they’re working with someone who not only takes their big day seriously, but has a pure passion for this industry.

I have always been someone who likes to study and have knowledge behind me. This training gives me so much confidence when meeting with people, whether they’re potential clients, fellow vendors, or I’m just networking.

This training has also helped me know my worth. I value myself AND the effort I put into each and every day as a planner.

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Can you describe your event and wedding decorating style?

To be honest, I don’t have a preferred trend when it comes to event decor. I’ve seriously enjoyed doing everything I’ve done so far! I’m really looking forward to what I’ve got planned in 2020. Working with more than just one venue allows me to be a bit more creative for my clients. I always get to do new things.

I work extremely closely with a particular dry hire company in my area, and they’re always open to my ideas. I find my region to be a little behind the times, so it’s nice to think that I’m having an impact on bringing it forward. I want to keep bringing those big city looks here, and keep the weddings and events in our area.

We have such gorgeous landscapes in our very own backyard. We want our clients to stay here, and not rush to the big city just because of the trends.

Although you also plan private events, you say that weddings are your main focus. What is it about wedding planning that speaks to you most? In your eyes, what’s the biggest pro and the biggest con to being a wedding planner?

I love weddings the most because the event decor can be personalized in so much detail! Couples want to incorporate themselves into the styling of their big day with their favorite flowers, their favorite food/drinks, etc. You can making personalized stationary, rather than just the stock standard. The options are limitless!

Sometimes, clients sacrifice what they want in order to make their friends and family happy. Yes, while pleasing the guests can be important to couples, I hate to see them forget about themselves in the process! This is why I find customization so special and important.

For myself, the biggest pro is knowing how much I’m helping my clients. I get to take their stress away, give them a new perspective, bring them new ideas, and help them find common ground. And of course, all those other tiny details that no one even notices!

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You’re a new mom (congrats!), so your website was under construction until very recently. Can you give us an idea of the types of services you offer to clients?

Thank you so much! I’m very lucky to be blessed with a rainbow baby. He was born on his dads’ favorite day: Star Wars Day! He is growing to be such a sweet little dude – and he knows it!

With regards to my website, I am truly so proud of the result. I’ve been working around the clock with one of my closest friends, who works at Brand Lucidity. She’s the most epic graphic designer I have EVER come across. She did a total re-brand for me! It’s been a long few months, and a lot of coffee, to get everything the way we wanted it. But we made it!

At present, WhiteFoxx offers event and wedding planning, styling, and event decor. We also offer on-the-day management in à la carte style, to suit individual needs and budgets. We also create custom wax stamps, and supply hand-stamped wax seals for any and all occasions.

This year, we will be introducing some new and exciting services for not only clients, but also fellow planners, decorators, and boss moms!

What was/is the most difficult part about starting your wedding planning business?

For me, it was trusting myself and standing behind my decisions. In the beginning, I doubted my knowledge and experience.

Getting exposure is another thing. My region is not in dire need of wedding planners. Most couples feel they can do it all themselves, possibly to save money. This is fair enough, and I understand where they’re coming from (I was one of them, after all).

But I like to make sure that at the very least, everyone sees that I can come in to help at any point in the process.

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Why did you decide to attend an online event planning school over a physical school to earn your event and wedding planner certification?

Without a doubt, I needed the flexibility. Working full-time in retail didn’t leave much time to be sitting in a class. All I had were nights, and every second weekend.

The second factor was location. I wanted to be able to study on my lunch break, on the couch, at my parents’ house when I visit them, etc. I wanted access to a mentor when I needed it, at my own convenience – and that’s what I got!

I got real feedback, just like I would in an in-person classroom. I also needed the flexible payments that I worked into my budget. Not to mention, I loved the associations partnered with QC. As an event and wedding planner, you’re absolutely going to benefit from that!

What was your proudest moment as a certified event and wedding planner?

I probably have two…

  1. My first moment would be when I received my certificates in the mail. It may not be the biggest thing for most people, but this was the first time I actually finished a study. I did my two certificates while working full-time, during my pregnancy, and then whilst having a newborn. I completed both of my courses by the time my son was about two months old!
  2. The second is something that occurred more recent. During my first wedding expo day, I was featured on the local news! I got to tell everyone what I do, and what I love about my job. That has been GREAT exposure for me and my business!

Honestly, I feel like with every event I do, I’m more and more proud of the results I’m able to achieve.

Photography by Chapters by Jordie.

What do you have in store for WhiteFoxx Events in the future?

Definitely more studying and training! I love to expand my knowledge and learn new skills, so I can bring something different my repertoire. I would also love to book in some travel, whether it’s professional or private. I’ve been working on wax sealing for a while, too. I’m super excited to bring more of that into my work in 2020!

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