Why Everyone is Enrolling in Wedding Planning Courses Right Now!

Want to start an exciting new career? Professional wedding planning courses will get you properly trained and certified, so YOU can begin your journey ASAP! Need more convincing? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

Afton Romrell is the co-founder of Eventfully Sweet. She’s also a graduate of QC Event School’s Event & Wedding Planning and Event Decor programs. Today, Afton is here to break down 5 reasons why you should enroll in a wedding planning course today!

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Having an event and wedding planning certification has blessed my life! I also happen to get very excited when I see other people enrolling with QC Event School. This actually brings me to what I want to discuss with you today: why everyone (and I do mean everyone) is enrolling in wedding planning courses right now!

Why Wedding Planners NEED Professional Training

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that if you want to start a wedding and/or event business, you should absolutely receive proper training and get your certification as soon as possible! Wedding planners need professional training. Firstly, future clients will take you more seriously. Secondly, you’ll be able to book more events. Moreover, you can learn more about the wedding and event planning industry in depth. Plus, you’ll have a MUCH greater advantage over the other planners who lack a certification!

The COVID Pandemic vs. The Wedding Planning Industry

In 2020, the wedding planning industry admittedly took a bit of a hit. Thanks to COVID-19, large gatherings were no longer allowed. As a result, a lot of weddings either canceled or reduced their guest count from 300 to 10. Many venues and vendors also went out of business due to lack of clientele. As for the clients… Well, they went from having multiple vendors to self-planning the logistics of their own weddings.

Since then, the industry has found creative ways to overcome the challenges brought on by COVID. Planners have continued to thrive and service clients! You see, everyone got creative. Some examples of what I’ve seen include:

  • Creating virtual services;
  • Hosting microweddings;
  • Helping with last-minute elopements;
  • Orchestrating smaller celebrations;
  • And so much more!

Importantly, people learned how to organize successful weddings and events – even if they were scaled back in size.

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Wedding Planning Courses are All the Rage!

Here’s the deal: large events are coming back. We might not completely be there yet, but we will be soon enough. In the United States alone, mask requirements are gradually being lifted throughout the country as the number of vaccinations increase. In direct correlation, attendance for social events has also grown. Depending on where you live, you can now have a much higher guest count than what we’ve seen over the past year and a half. People are stoked for a return to normalcy, and that includes attending public events. Therefore, it’s prime time for people to jump into the wedding and event industry and launch a new career!

5 Reasons to Enroll in Wedding Planning Courses Right Now

There are several reasons why enrolling in wedding planning courses ASAP would be a smart choice:

  1. They pave the way for a successful career post-COVID (especially when the events industry is about to surge).
  2. Completing your wedding planning courses is a great way to maximize the extra time you currently have at home.
  3. You can keep yourself busy and productive, with clear goals in mind for the future. In turn, this can aid your mental health during the pandemic.
  4. Through the business training included in the right wedding planning courses, you can start building your very own company – in tandem with the increased demand of public events.
  5. You can also learn how to offer your services virtually, thereby giving you a chance to book clients and plan weddings before in-person appointments resume in your area.

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How Wedding Planning Training Changed My Life

Being professionally certified as an event and wedding planner has helped my new business significantly! I pursued my certifications during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once smaller events were able to open up again, I was ready to utilize what I’d learned. I’m able to showcase my certification logo on my website and social media handles. Furthermore, when potential clients look at my credentials, they can see that I take my business seriously. I’ve definitely gained more clients because of my event and wedding planning certification!

I am so grateful that I received my certifications through QC Event School. The courses are self-paced, allowing you to work on the textbooks readings and real-life scenario assignments on your own time. You also have a tutor that communicates directly with you about your assignments one-on-one. It’s personal and allows for creativity on the assignments. For me, I learned more than I ever thought I could!

Food for Thought

Take a look at QC Event School’s website and enroll in their wedding planning courses today! If you have additional questions about certification courses, my experience, or QC in general, leave a comment below. I’d also love to connect with you directly in the Virtual Classroom on Facebook. Thanks for reading!

Check out QC’s wide variety of wedding planning courses here and start your journey today!

5 responses to “Why Everyone is Enrolling in Wedding Planning Courses Right Now!”

    Nicole says:

    Thanks for sharing! This was a great read

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Nicole! Afton definitely did a wonderful job with this article, and we LOVE her list of reasons why everyone has been enrolling in wedding planning courses lately. 😀

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    Carli Lewis says:

    Thanks for writing this Afton!! I love that the reality is big events will be back and I think better then ever! ❤️ I’m so glad I got started in my courses!

    Marina P. says:

    Hi there! Thank you for this article!..The program looks quite attractive to me. At the moment, I am interested in Wedding Planning. And the Luxury Wedding Planning as the second course to take. But debating whether Event and Wedding Planning course would be more beneficial as a base/foundation? Your opinion? Is there a big difference between the two? Would be studying Event ( just in case) cut off some focus/time from more details of Wedding Planning course? Many thanks in advance!!

    Sloane Seguin says:

    Hi Marina,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. These are great questions! 😀 We definitely recommend our Event & Wedding Planning Course for anyone who a) has no prior training in the events industry, and/or b) wishes to have an all-encompassing certification in both the fields of event and wedding planning. This particular program is our most popular course, in large part because it very thoroughly teaches you everything you need to know about event and wedding planning, as well as how to start your own business/career in the field.

    If you were to instead choose one of the more condensed courses – such as the Private Event Planning Course or the Wedding Planning Course – the main difference is that you’d be learning specifically about that field of planning. For instance, if you took just the Event Planning Course, you wouldn’t be learning about putting together weddings. But the Event & Wedding Planning Course ensures to delve deeply into BOTH areas of the planning industry. This way, when you graduate, you’re well-versed in both wedding and private event planning. Many aspiring planners prefer this option because it gives them more choices for their career path, as well as potential opportunities to pursue.

    If you’d like to learn even more about the Event & Wedding Planning Course, you can check out our full course page here: https://www.qceventplanning.com/online-event-courses/event-and-wedding-planning/. You can also email our Student Support Team at [email protected], as they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, help you get started, etc.

    In terms of the Luxury Wedding and Event Planning Course, this is absolutely an excellent program to take once you’ve obtained your foundational training. Luxury wedding and event planning is a very in-demand service that can piggyback off your local and/or smaller-scale planning services. It’ll allow you to elevate your skill-set, appeal to a wider range of clients, and better your overall booking ability. (Such is always the case whenever you add additional certifications and services to any business!)

    More info about the Luxury Wedding and Event Planning Course can be found here: https://www.qceventplanning.com/online-event-courses/luxury-wedding-and-event-planning-specialization/

    Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions, as we’re always happy to help. Thanks again, Marina, and I hope you have a terrific day! 🙂

    All the best,
    The QC Team

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