Are Online Event Planning Classes Right for YOU?

Not sure if online event planning classes are the right fit for YOU? QC Event School Student Ambassador, Tamesha Antria, is here to help you decide once and for all!

Tamesha is a graduate of QC’s Event & Wedding Planning, Event Decor, and Virtual Events Training courses. She’s also a current student of the Destination Wedding Planning Course. Her business, Tamesha Antria Productions, offers everything from officiant services, wedding and event planning/coordination, virtual events, and much more!

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A Little About Me

Hello, beautiful people! My name is Tamesha. I’m a QC Event School graduate and Student Ambassador. I have graduated from the following courses: International Event & Wedding Planning and Event Decor. I’m the proud owner of Tamesha Antria Productions, formerly known as Black Haven Events. We take care of your love before, during, and after the vows. I like to think of my business as a company that values your marriage just as much as your wedding day.

Today, we’re talking about whether or not online event planning courses are right for you! So, let’s jump right in!

In-Person Event Planning Classes

Before we delve into the benefits of online learning, we’ll first examine in-person education. This way, you can better understand whether this type of environment would be the preferred fit for your learning style and goals. After all, it’s important to understand ALL of your options!


There are many pros to taking a physical event planning course. For those of you that focus better with in-person interactions, this is where you’ll thrive! After all, the biggest advantage of in-person classes is that you’re given the ability to connect with others in an immediate way. Moreover, your assignments can be practiced alone, or collaboratively as a team. If you don’t focus well at home, attending in-person classes is perfect for you!


That being said, there are also many cons to taking event planning classes in-person. For starters, it costs more – sometimes, a lot more – than online programs. Why is that? Because the institution needs to support a physical building with actual people in it, as well as a campus. Virtual classes don’t have this necessity. Moreover, most in-person event planning classes also still have a virtual classroom component on top of the in-person components. Essentially, you’ll be paying more for the in-person interaction and learning engagement.

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Online Event Planning Classes

Next, let’s take a closer look at virtual event planning classes. This will better help you understand whether or not this learning method is, in fact, the best possible fit for you!


One of the single greatest benefits to taking an event planning class online is the freedom that you have with your education – for those that can manage it, that is. This means no limitations to the resources you can use and find! There are a number of vendors you can learn about (and from) during your course of study. I like to think of online event planning classes as a tool to advance you within the real world. Furthermore, online event planning courses are also generally less expensive, since the costs of meeting in-person or maintaining a physical campus are not factored into your tuition.

Another pro is the flexibility that comes with distance learning. Nowadays, many online event planning schools will allow you to work entirely at your own pace. Thus, in addition to being able to train from the comfort of home, you won’t be tied down with any deadlines. You’ll have the complete freedom to work on your studies whenever you want, according to your personal schedule. As a result, you can use as much or as little of the allotted time to finish your course as needed. For instance, many graduates of QC Event School have found that by devoting just 1-2 hours per week to their program, they were able to finish in as little as 3-6 months!


Just like with brick-and-mortar schools, there are some cons to taking event planning classes online, too. The main one is that you won’t have that in-person connection you’d get from being in a physical classroom. So, if you don’t function well in independent studies, online event planning courses might be challenging for you. Another con is that you have to be disciplined to a certain extent, in order to pursue event planning classes online. Since you won’t be in a classroom, you won’t have other people around you to hold you accountable. For some, this is an environment to thrive. For others, however, in-person courses fit better with their preferred learning style.

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My Personal Preference

I personally recommend taking your event planning courses online over attending a brick-and-mortar school. I’ve always been more into independent study – rather than group study – while learning. I like to grasp the concepts in a way that works best for me, in order to best retain the information. Online classes allow this freedom to choose how YOU want to learn and work best with your instructor/tutor.

5 Signs That Online Event Planning Classes are The PERFECT Fit for You!

Still not entirely sure? Here are a few signs that online learning will be the best fit for you, your lifestyle, your goals, and your learning style…

1. You Need Flexibility

Online event planning classes are perfect for those that need a bit of flexibility. As a student, I worked a full-time job on top of my studies, as well as had an internship with a local planner. Thus, I needed flexibility to schedule my studies in timeframes that didn’t conflict with my other responsibilities. Having that flexibility to decide when it was best for me to learn has aided in my success in finding myself as a planner!

For some, flexibility can be daunting due to different learning styles. All learning styles and techniques vary from person to person. Speaking from personal experience, online event planning courses allowed me to go further in the industry. I didn’t have to choose between my job and my passion until my business could sustain me. Looking back, I now know that that was what I needed in order to succeed! I was able to graduate on my own schedule. There was no pressure to do all of my courses on a strict timeline that didn’t abide with my schedule. I appreciated that QC Event School gave me the opportunity to complete my training in a timeframe that worked for me, rather than the institution.

2. You Prefer Having Comfort and Freedom

If you want the comfort and freedom of completing your education from home, then online event planning classes will be your best friend! In fact, so long as you’re a self-disciplined worker, I guarantee that this will actually be GAME-CHANGING for you! I’m personally a homebody. Being at home is where I thrive! As such, having the freedom to work from wherever I’d like within my home is a major bonus for me. This way, I can create spaces that allow me to do my best creatively, as well as allow me to focus.

Pro Tip: Here’s a handy piece of advice for anyone looking to take an event planner course from the comfort of home… Create a space in your home that allows you to deep dive into your coursework. For instance, I turned half of my room into an office space in the beginning. I also set up another workstation at my kitchen table. I’m a low maintenance/independent learner, and I embrace my freedom to work from wherever I please. I like to think of this as a form of manifestation. Someday, I’ll be working from different places all over the world – and YOU can do the same!

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3. You Love Working Independently

Working independently has been my greatest strength while working from home on my event planning classes. Not having due dates for assignments can be challenging for some people. For me, though, I appreciate having a say in what works best for my learning. As a full-time employee and intern, I needed that flexibility. If you’re a fellow independent worker struggling to complete tasks, I would advise you create a Top 3 To-Do list for your day. This is a strategy that’s proven to assist with productivity. And of course, productivity fuels independent workers!

4. You’re Computer-Savvy

Being computer-savvy isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, despite some people thinking that it is. Rather, it’s a process. Learning anything new comes with its curves, but practice is what makes you computer-savvy! For example, I was a person that was raised without a laptop. We were a very “old-school” family. I actually didn’t get my first laptop or personal computer until I went to college! As a result, working on the computer was challenging for me in the beginning, especially when it came to PCs or Macs. I’m grateful for patience and practice because that’s what has allowed me to learn and master both systems!

5. You’re On a Budget

Online event planning classes are great for anyone that would like to remain within budget. Let’s use a small example of how this works in your daily life… Digital e-books are cheaper than physical books you’d buy from the bookstore. The same concept can be applied to attending classes in-person vs. virtually. Online courses require much less financially than attending class in-person. If anything, you pay more with your effort, since it takes a little more focus to succeed at independent study.

Online Event Planning Classes with QC Event School

I recommend QC Event School’s online event planning courses for anyone looking to learn – and not put their whole life on pause in the process. QC takes your education even further by providing you with the necessary skills needed to grow your business. Most programs don’t offer a business component with their training. But QC ensures to provide this very business training within ALL of their classes! Thus, you’ll gain the basic skills and knowledge needed to start a business as an event planner, designer, and more! Moreover, QC’s courses are well-rounded. They give you the resources to apply your skills in real-world scenarios. Trust me: once part of QC’s community, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to grow in this industry!

My personal experience with QC Event School has been nothing short of amazing. I feel encouraged, supported, and part of a group that really has the power to make change in the event and wedding planning industry. To date, I’ve taken 3 courses from QC Event School. Each course has added more value to my planning, brand, and professional portfolio. I appreciate being able to take different courses with QC, so I can be the planner I want to be!


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In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to join me today! I hope you are inspired to begin your journey with the online event planning classes offered at QC Event School. Feel free to connect with me in QC’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook. It’s free to join, regardless of whether you’re a current student, past graduate, or simply thinking of enrolling. Just remember: if you aren’t a current/past student, you can join this private group for a 2-week trial. We’d love to have you there!

Leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to know more about in our blogs. I look forward to connecting with you! 🙂

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    Carli Lewis says:

    I have LOVED the flexibility that QC has!! Sometimes life happens , and the self paced courses have really let me take care of things that I need to without having added stress of possibly misses classes, making up assignments, or falling behind! Love this read! Thanks for the input Tamesha!!

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