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Why You THINK You Don’t Need to Take Party Planner Classes

Party planning can be seen as anything from a fun activity to a full-blown career. Most people plan some type of event at least once in their lives. So, taking party planner classes certainly doesn’t seem like a necessity. But if you want to take your party planning skills from pretty good to amazing, a certification in event planning is the way to get there!

This article lists some of the most common reasons why people avoid taking party planning classes and why you should kick those excuses to the curb!

1: “I already know a bunch of people in town who will cater my party, give me a nice venue, etc.”

Your best friend’s cousin will give you a great deal on that 30th wedding anniversary cake. He isn’t the best baker in the world, but that’s all you really need.
However, if you take a party planning course you will learn how to network, get insider knowledge, and improve your business and negotiation skills. So instead of having a great deal on a good cake, you’ll get a great deal on an amazing cake!

Knowing people is only half the battle. It’s knowing the best people that will take you from an average person planning a party to an amazing party planner.

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2: “I’m extremely organized and cool under pressure. I can handle any issue that comes my way.”

Unfortunately, being hyper-organized isn’t enough to stop your photographer from falling ill and being cool as a cucumber isn’t going to stop the best man’s speech from giving an uncomfortable drunken toast. Event planning courses will prepare you for the problems you never would have anticipated and how to manage all of those unpredictable last minute issues.

This could be the difference between people leaving early to rave reviews from guests!

3: “A woman I don’t know attended my party and she said she would pay for my services!”

She didn’t have any personal reason to say that to you – she wasn’t a loved one simply trying to encourage you, so you know she’s serious…right?

Breaking into the party planning business is challenging. Without formal training, you’ll have to go through A LOT of trial and error before you learn even half as much as other professionals. This could work out for you, but you also might burn bridges. And if you lose too many clients or too much money before that trial and error technique works out, you’ll be in hot water.

4: “I am so busy! I have no time to enroll and show up to classes.”

This is true for a lot of people that love to party plan! Brick and mortar colleges or universities are expensive and hard to fit into a busy life, especially if you have kids or a full-time job.

But, you can take party planner classes online. And they don’t need to break the bank, either! These courses usually cost under $1500 in tuition for a professional course. At a good school, you can create your own schedule and complete the course in your free time. You should also have lifelong access to your study materials! This means you can fit the classes in without compromising.

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5: “I really only like to plan specific events. I don’t want to learn about everything from wedding planning to corporate retirement parties.”

Although general event planning will offer you a lot of transferable skills, there are so many options in the world of party planning classes. You can take a field-specific course like wedding planning, or specialize in luxury or destination wedding planning. If you know what you love, you don’t have to waste your time and money on things you don’t want to learn.

, Of course you can throw a party, but is it the best party you could throw? Could you easily turn this passion into a profitable career? Or is it possible that you could use a little expert knowledge and guidance?

Take your events to the next level to shock and amaze your clients, family, and friends!

Are you convinced taking an event planning course is right for you? Check out QC’s event planning courses to get started!

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