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How to Make More Money with Corporate Event Planner Courses

Are you looking to boost your salary? Most of us certainly wouldn’t mind making a little more (or a lot more) money. And corporate event planner courses can help! If you’re a wedding planner or a general event planner, learning about corporate event planning can add to your success. And if you’re looking into the event planning industry, corporate event planning is a great place to start!

Keep reading to find out how a corporate event planning course will earn you more money!

Additional Clients and Employers

If you exclusively plan weddings, obviously your clientele will be limited to couples getting married. And as you know, weddings experience a lull in the winter seasons. By adding corporate event planning to your resume, you can make more money in the offseason… and the rest of the year if you want to take on fewer weddings! The corporate event industry has so many different employers and clients that you can work for/with! Here are just a few of the events you can plan:

  • Award Ceremonies
  • Conferences
  • Office Parties
  • Galas
  • Fundraisers
  • And more!

This type of training doesn’t mean you have to stray from your passion for weddings! You can meld the two and plan things such as wedding tradeshows! The difference with these events is that you are now working on events with larger attendance and more complicated logistics. By teaming up with your clients, you figure out how to best achieve their corporate goals using your project management and event coordination skills.

corporate event planner courses

Extra Job Opportunities

When you take corporate event planning courses you get so many more networking opportunities. You’ll gain new industry connections to grow your business and gain referrals. But not only that, you can dive into so many different sectors and job titles! Here are just a few you can explore:

  • Marketing: you can plan events to help clients establish or further their brands
  • Charity Fundraising: you can explore the non-profit sector to use events to promote a cause
  • Hospitality: you can run events for theme parks, tourism boards, cruise lines, and so much more!

With wedding and event planner training and corporate event planner training, you can plan virtually any event under the sun! You’ll be able to handle live events, large-scale events, casual events or parties, and formal affairs. You can take on careers in areas such as event decorating, day-of coordinating, venue managing, or promoting. When you add to your resume, you add to your possibilities, which puts more money into your wallet!

Charging More

Another one of the ways that you will be able to make more money is by charging more for your services. When you have more to offer and a higher level of knowledge, you can increase your prices to match your value! This does not mean you can take a course and immediately triple your prices. But, the more you know and the more you can provide means you can charge more – even for services you may have offered before.

Plus, planning corporate events is one of the most lucrative areas of the event planning industry! The events you’ll plan can be quite large and prestigious affairs. When you learn about the corporate planning process, key industries, and business, it will open you up to new and more clients!

corporate event planner courses

Furthering your Skills

Taking a corporate event planning course will add to your skill set, so you can really improve your resume and lock down a high salary! You can also attract more clients with your improved resume and portfolio. Some of the additions to your skills will include:

  • Interpersonal skills: You’ll now be able to work with a larger number of individuals including goal-oriented, very formal corporate clients.
  • Organization: By learning how to handle more large-scale events with a larger focus on logistics over aesthetic, you can show off your honed organizational abilities.
  • Creativity: You’ll have more depth to your creative abilities. You’ll go past décor and physical beauty and learn to come up with more creative solutions to corporate or marketing issues such as engaging an audience.
  • Networking: Working in a corporate environment – where networking is often valuable – you’ll have more practice with networking and more confidence in networking situations.

Corporate event planning courses will teach you which guiding questions to ask your clients in order to identify their expectations and motivations. Your gained insights will shape your chosen organization methods, and provide you with benchmarks for assessing success. You’ll know how to manage presentation materials and promotional items to support your client’s brand! These transferable skills will get you more jobs and more money for each individual job.

corporate event planner courses

If you’re looking shift your focus from vows and décor toward conference designs and public relations, corporate event courses will get you there. Corporate event courses will also help you if you’re just looking for a way to stay up to date on information and further your event planning abilities! Adding to your resume and continued learning is beneficial for everyone in every industry. So don’t knock corporate courses just because you don’t want to plan meetings. There is so much more you will do with that knowledge!

Did we miss any methods that corporate courses will boost your resume? Let us know in a comment below!

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    Joy says:

    There are numerous things I learnt when I took the course of organizing corporate events. Some of the things I learnt throughout the course including of food service, seating and table arrangements, facility rentals, food catering, coordinating the entertainment, and etc. This really help in my career.

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