Finding Event Planner Jobs During COVID-19

Tamesha Antria is a graduate of QC Event School’s Event & Wedding Planning Course, a student of QC’s Destination Wedding Planning and Event Decor Courses, and a QC Student Ambassador. Her wedding and event planning business, Black Haven Events, offers clients everything from officiant services, wedding and event planning/coordination, and much more! Today, Tamesha offers 5 tips for finding event planner jobs during a global pandemic!

QC Ambassador, Tamesha Antria, discusses how to find event planner jobs

What an interesting year this has been! We’re almost one year into COVID-19 now. Can you believe it?

If we’re being honest, there isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been financially impacted by the global pandemic. In the event and wedding planning industry, COVID-19 eliminated many business opportunities. From cancellations, to rescheduled weddings and events – plenty of companies have been taking financial losses in order to remain in good standing with their clients. Unfortunately, many businesses have also not been as fortunate. Some couldn’t stay afloat, and had to halt their services altogether.

Luckily, the event and wedding planning industry as a whole cannot be stopped! You see, as business owners, we have two options in the face of COVID-19: shut down or level up!

What we have quickly learned is that despite everything we’ve endured this year, events and weddings are still a staple in most communities. As humans, we have an essential need to connect with others. Although COVID-19 has shut down many events, this has driven planners and coordinators to work even harder!

Planning in-person celebrations isn’t necessarily impossible these days. So long as social distancing limitations are respected, it’s simply a matter of following new strategies and safety measures. As you likely already know, we’ve also leveled up our creativity by pivoting into a new niche of virtual events.

On that note, let’s talk about a few different strategies for finding (and booking) clients during a global pandemic!

young woman finding event planner jobs by working virtually with clients

5 Ways to Find Event Planner Jobs During COVID-19

1. Offering Virtual Consultations and Services

Throughout the pandemic, my business has been committed to proper social distancing. With any client that wishes to work with us, we offer our consultations free and virtually. This gives clients the freedom to decide if Black Haven is a great fit for them – and vice versa. It also keeps my clients and I safe by eliminating the need for in-person contact.

One of my favorite sayings is: “It takes a village.” I like to think of my company and my clients as a village, working together to keep each other well.

The power of pivoting to virtual consultations saved my business! Being a new, service-based business, in-person events were essential to our success. We have also pivoted our services temporarily to cater towards virtual and social distanced events. This virtual phenomena has kept millions safe; creating connection in a new, innovative way.

2. Implementing Strict Safety Measures When Working In-Person

Black Haven operates 100% precautionary to COVID-19. Here are some guidelines we follow to keep ourselves (and others) safe:

  • All meetings and interactions are held virtually, except mandatory rehearsals for in-person events;
  • All participants will be masked (N95 or comparable) while interacting in-person;
  • Proper masking is required (i.e. mask covering both the nose and mouth);
  • Social distancing of 6+ feet apart must be respected at all times;
  • We only interact in groups of 4-6 at a time;
  • And much more!

These actions have decreased the odds of exchange, and have saved clients and businesses a pretty penny. We maintain virtual meetings unless its a mandatory rehearsal. When we do meet in-person, all necessary parties are present, masked, and safely distanced.

female professionals touching elbows as part of COVID-19 safety protocols

3. Taking Online Event Planner Certification Courses

As a business owner, I took full advantage of educational opportunities during COVID-19. I think of myself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. At the start of the pandemic, I obtained my certification as an International Event and Wedding Planner. I then brainstormed a few ways I could pivot my services. At that point, I thought, Why not take my business on a grand venture in event decor?

I was always fascinated with the design aspect of event and wedding planning. The pandemic offered me the perfect opportunity to further develop this skill-set! I’d practiced and participated in dozens of set-ups before, but never believed I could be the mastermind behind it. So, I decided to get into the lab and get my brain pumped. I set up study schedules by day, ran the full operation of Black Haven by myself, and looked for event planning opportunities by night. This led to my first client – as well as long-lasting connections you’ll learn about a little later.

4. Hosting Free Virtual Networking Events

Hosting workshops is something I’ve always loved. I love the atmosphere of learning and growing with others. Leaning into that passion, I’ve since contributed to the success of the weekly/bi-weekly women’s empowerment meetings with women internationally. There were a whopping 6 virtual participants! I was a shy, hot mess. But those women believed in me.

This interaction prepared me to lead the virtual events I now host, that bring in almost 1,000 attendees! I’m grateful for those that long for connection beyond our physical means. This contributes to the drive and success of our virtual events. Connection – by any means – is vital.

finding event planner jobs through virtual services online

5. Use Social Media Networking to Find Event Planner Jobs

Are we not in the age of social media? Of course we are!

Engagement on social media has been another outlet of connection. I network through my personal social media platforms, as well as Black Haven’s social media platforms. It’s important to stay updated on the latest trends. For me, this led to an amazing opportunity on a team of collectives. I don’t have ‘jobs’ – I have opportunities to explore creativity within my divine right.

Through a professional match on Bumble Bizz, I landed a position as an Events Coordinator. I now coordinate and execute 5 to 10 virtual events per month (with more to come)! I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I love, wherever I see fit.

My Experience With QC’s Virtual Events Training Course

As I mentioned earlier, an excellent way to find event planner jobs is by first strengthening your resume through continued education. With that in mind, I recently took a Virtual Events Training Course through QC Event School. Even though I’ve been planning virtual networking events over the last 6 months, there was still so much I was able to take away from this training. For instance, you learn how to properly construct the guest experience from the time they receive an invitation, to after the guests leave the event.

If you’re at a stand-still with your business, I would say that this training can get you out of that funk! You’ll learn the following keys to the virtual event planning industry:

  • The basics of planning virtual events;
  • How to use virtual services to transform your business;
  • The fundamentals of client engagement;
  • Guest etiquette for attending virtual events;
  • Virtual formats;
  • The 5 W’s of event planning;
  • And so much more!

professional man working on laptop and finding event planner jobs

Thanks to this training and my hands-on experience, I’m now even more confident in my ability to continue practicing my craft. You can refer to me as Tamesha, The Virtual Event and Wedding Planner! If you want more keys to the Virtual Event Industry, sign up for QC”s Virtual Events Training Course here. Then, meet me over in the Virtual Classroom to talk about what you learned! I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading, QC family!

Love + Light,


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