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11 Specialties You Can Focus on In Event Planning School

So, you want to launch a career as a professional planner. As such, you’ve decided to enroll in a reputable event planning school for your certification training. That’s awesome! Now the question is: what kind of planner do you want to be?

“Wait, what?” you might be thinking. “Isn’t there just ONE kind?”

Nope – although we don’t blame you for the confusion! This kind of industry is definitely one that seems a lot simpler on the surface, but is actually a lot more intricate and layered once you delve into it. In reality, there are all sorts of directions you can take your career in! For instance, you may choose to focus on one area of experience and center your business all around that. Alternately, you may want to offer multiple types of planning services to clients. If you fall into the latter, then our recommendation would be to do your homework, figure out which niches you want your business to have, and then enroll in the appropriate courses once you get started in event planning school!

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Event Planning School: 11 Specialties You Can Hone In On

The following list is based off of Foundational, Advanced, and Specialty Courses offered by QC Event School. Each of these courses will get you internationally certified and fully prepared to work in this area of the industry in as little as 3-6 months. Moreover, pairing two or more courses together will give you the best possible chances of booking more clients, standing out from the competition, and setting your business up for long-term success!

1. Private Event Planning

Private event planners specialize in organizing industry events, milestone parties, holiday parties, and more. In QC Event School’s Private Event Planning Course, you’ll learn how to work with private clients, delivering outstanding results on each event by listening to their needs. You’ll study each aspect of event planning, from prioritizing the budget to day-of coordination. Upon graduation from this program, you’ll receive an International Event Planning Professional™ (IEPP™) certification.

  • Learn all about QC’s Private Event Planning Course here!

2. Wedding Planning

Wedding planners help couples achieve the wedding of their dreams! QC Event School’s Wedding Planning Course will provide you with practical planning tools, so you’ll be ready to take your client’s ideas and turn them into reality. Discover how to prepare the wedding budget, plan the wedding timeline, and source reputable vendors. From there, you’ll also get to explore cultural and religious variations of weddings. Once you graduate, you’ll receive an International Wedding Planning Professional™ (IWPP®) certification.

  • Learn all about QC’s Wedding Planning Course here!

3. Luxury Wedding & Event Planning

Luxury wedding and event planners deal primarily with upscale events, weddings, parties, meetings, and celebrations. QC Event School’s Luxury Wedding & Event Planning Course allows you to take your expertise to the next level! You’ll learn how to work with large budgets and demanding clients. Moreover, you’ll find out how to build your own network of top suppliers and vendors. You’ll also discover how to market your services as a luxury event planner to high-end clients and companies alike. When you graduate from this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to add to your resume! If you want your business to stand out from the rest, luxury training is definitely something to obtain in event planning school.

  • Learn all about QC’s Luxury Wedding & Event Planning Course here!

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4. Destination Wedding Planning

Destination planners organize and coordinate weddings all over the world! From ceremonies on tropical beaches to receptions in faraway castles, your career as a destination wedding planner can take you quite literally anywhere. With the proper training, you’ll be able to organize wedding details by effectively communicating with vendors from a distance. You’ll quickly discover how translators, travel agents, and other vendors play such a large role in creating the perfect wedding.

Additionally, you’ll know how to network with wedding planners in other countries and market yourself as an expert in planning destination weddings. By offering destination services as part of your business, you can help clients choose the destination of their dreams, facilitate travel arrangements, and pull together a theme, decor, and menu items that perfectly suit the location. When you graduate from this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to add to your resume!

  • Learn all about QC’s Destination Wedding Planning Course here!

5. Corporate Event Planning

Corporate event planners work primarily with businesses. They can find opportunities in a wide range of industries, from tech to non-profit and government to fashion. In QC’s Corporate Event Planning Course, you’ll learn how to plan and manage all types of corporate events for your clients. Such functions may include product launches, corporate social events, tradeshows, and promotional campaigns. Once you complete this program, you’ll be able to add an International Corporate Event Planning Professional™ (ICPP®) certification to your resume. Pursuing this type of training through event planning school is a solid career move, as the career possibilities that can come from it are truly endless!

  • Learn all about QC’s Corporate Event Planning Course here!

6. Floral Design

Floral designers are responsible for creating the stunning, on-theme floral arrangements used to decorate your clients’ celebrations. While this can easily be a service that you outsource, why not offer it under one roof? By adding floral design training to your planning career, you can cater to even more clients and add an extra stream to your income. In QC Event School’s Floral Design Course, you’ll learn how to launch your own floristry business, work for an experienced floral designer, or incorporate your floral design skills into an existing career in event planning. If you’re creative, love flowers, and want to add beauty to special moments in your clients’ lives, this is an excellent skill to acquire in event planning school!

  • Learn all about QC’s Floral Design Course here!

7. Event Decorating

Much like with floral design, event decor can easily be one of those services that other planner outsource to trained event decorators. So, attract that exact client base by offering event decor services in addition to your planning services! Luckily, QC’s Event Decor Course will teach you everything you need to know to corner this area of the market masterfully. In particular, you’ll become an expert in color matching, popular themes, and the latest event design trends. As a result, you’ll know how to create a cohesive and modern design for any celebration!

  • Learn all about QC’s Event Decor Course here!

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8. Travel and Tourism

If you love to travel, becoming a travel consultant will allow you to live your dream while getting paid for it! Even better, you’ll be able to help other people achieve their dreams, too. This career path will provide you with unforgettable opportunities to travel at heavily discounted rates, all throughout the world. You’ll have an extremely rewarding and demanding career that can easily piggyback off of all your other planning services! The right event planning school, such as QC Event School, will offer some sort of travel and tourism training.

For instance, QC’s Travel & Tourism Course will give you all sorts of training in the history of travel, geography, cruise and tour booking, accommodations, transportation, and more. You’ll gain the skills needed to create unforgettable vacations that your clients will talk about for years to come! Plus, when you graduate, you’ll qualify as an International Travel and Tourism Consultant and receive an ITTC™ certification.

  • Learn all about QC’s Travel & Tourism Course here!

9. Festivals and Live Event Planning

Live event planners help put together concert promotions, show productions, sports entertainment productions, festivals, and much more. In QC Event School’s Festivals and Live Events Workshop, you’ll discover the logistics of public events. Moreover, you’ll learn how to manage both small- and large-scale festivals and entertainment events. Given that the world is now starting to return to a state of normalcy, outdoor gatherings are expected to come back into full swing… and with immense popularity and demand! Now is the prime time to enter this particular area of the industry. So while you’re training in event planning school, make sure to get your International Festivals and Live Events Planning Professional™ (IFLP®) certification as well!

  • Learn all about QC’s Festivals and Live Event Planning Workshop here!

10. Promotional Event Planning

If you already have prior experience/training in corporate planning, this Specialty Course is the perfect add-on to both your resume and skill-set! QC’s Promotional Event Planning Course is designed to first review the basics of corporate event planning, so that you can then dig into new topics about promotional events. You’ll learn how to use event planning software and find inspiration from current trends in the promotional event field. By the time you graduate, you’ll know how maximize the reach of your promotional events – from impromptu marketing campaigns to pop-up shops, and much more! You’ll be able to work for marketing or event agencies, or venture into promotional events with your own business! Graduates of this program receive a Promotional Events Specialist certificate.

  • Learn all about QC’s Promotional Event Planning Course here!

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11. Virtual Event Planning

Virtual event planners provides the exact same types of services as other planners do… The only difference is, they work primarily online. Think of it like “distance assistance”. The consultation is conducted electronically, rather than in-person. Similarly, the interactions planners have with vendors, suppliers, venues, etc. are done via phone or email, too. Whether or not the virtual planner is physically present on the day of the event is determined on a case-by-case basis, determined by the client’s needs and preferences.

Virtual events rose to prominence over the last year and a half, as a popular alternative in the face of social distancing and gathering restrictions. However, it’s convenience and flexible nature have made them a staple part of the planning industry that’s definitely here to stay. Add this service to your business so you can reap the benefits of working with any and every type of client, regardless of location!

QC Event School’s Virtual Events Training mini course is just 1 unit long. Thus, you can add yet another certificate to your repertoire and be ready to provide top-notch virtual services in less than a month!

  • Learn all about QC’s Virtual Events Training Course here!

Which of these courses would YOU most like to take in event planning school? Let us know in the comments below!

Ready to get started? Enroll with QC Event School and graduate in as little as 3-6 months!

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