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How to Become a Party Planner from Home

Being a professional party planner is an exciting and rewarding job. You have the privilege of putting together unforgettable celebrations and creating lifelong memories – all while being paid to do it! But what if your ULTIMATE dream job doesn’t involve having to go into an office every day? Well then, you’re in luck! Today, you’re going to learn how to become a party planner and run your business from the comfort of your own home!

Carli Lewis Reveals How to Become a Party Planner From Home

Carli Lewis is a graduate, student, and Student Ambassador of QC Event School. She’s successfully completed the Event & Wedding Planning Course, and is currently working through the following additional programs:

  • Corporate Event Planning
  • Event Decor
  • Virtual Events Training

With her natural eye for parties and creative flair, it’s no surprise that one of Carli’s career goals is to become a party planner (among other areas of expertise). In the following video, she breaks down:

  • How online event planning courses can get you trained/certified in as little as 3-6 months – all while you train at home and at your own schedule!
  • Why she enrolled with QC Event School, what her experience has been like so far, and why she recommends QC!
  • Critical steps to take at the beginning of your party planning career!
  • And how to launch a successful career from the comfort of home!

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How to Become a Party Planner with QC Event School

When it comes to launching a successful career in the planning industry, QC Event School is THE place to obtain your certification training! Here are just 3 reasons why we’ll be able to help you become a party planner through our self-paced, distancing learning environment:

1. Zero Pressure Environment

Starting on the date you enroll, you’ll get 2 full years to complete your training! That being said, you can use as much or as little of that time as you need. In fact, many of our grads found that by simply devoting 1-2 hours per week on their studies, they were able to finish their program in as little as 3-6 months (sometimes, even sooner)!

Moreover, as you work through your course, you won’t ever have to worry about deadlines or rigid schedules. As a result, you can work on and submit your assignments whenever it works best for YOU!

2. Competitive Tuition and Flexible Payment Options

As a rule of thumb, online event/wedding/party planner schools are often cheaper than brick-and-mortar ones, since there’s no physical campus to maintain. However, QC Event School prides itself on going one step further by providing the highest quality of education at an affordable price. Furthermore, you have different options at your disposal, in terms of how you’d like to pay. If you choose to pay your full tuition upfront, we’ll give you a “pay in full” discount! Alternately, we also have low monthly payment plans available, too. Add to that the fact that we offer monthly promotional discounts as well, and you’re guaranteed to get the best possible education without having to break the bank!

Oh, and did we mention that as soon you enroll in one course, all other courses are automatically 50% off? 😉

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3. Internationally-Recognized Certifications

First thing’s first: it’s important that wherever you choose to train and become a party planner, the school is reputable and properly accredited. When you train with QC Event School, you can be assured that we not only hold an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau – we’re also recognized by the International Live Events Association (ILEA), too. But we take it one step further: when you graduate, we ensure to provide you with legitimate, internationally-recognized certifications of your very own! Here are the competitive, international designations you could add to your resume:

We also offer additional Specialty and Advanced courses that’ll arm you with certificates you can add to your resume as well! These courses are:

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If you’d like to learn more about how to become a party planner from home, this blog article will provide you with even more tips and awesome advice!

So, now that you’re ready to get your dream career started, my question to you is: what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present! If you’d like more information about QC Event School, we welcome you to join our Virtual Classroom on Facebook for a no-strings-attached 2-weel trial. You’re also welcome to contact our Student Support Team at [email protected].

Do YOU have any tips for becoming a party planner? Let us know in the comments below – and as always, thanks for reading!

Become a party planner in just 3-6 months by enrolling with QC Event School today!

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